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Top Four Qualities of a Bed and Breakfast in Weston Super Mare That You Should Always Look For

Bed and breakfast (B&B) inns are becoming increasingly popular and commonplace in the Somerset and several other places around the globe for a host of reasons. You should always make a point to look for these four qualities mentioned below before reserving any bed and breakfast in Weston Super Mare.


An affordable (not to be confused with) cheap bed and breakfast in Weston Super Mare (or wherever you may need), such as the Poplar Farm, usually happens to be a tad expensive in comparison with the regular hotel stays or budget inns and for pretty good reasons.

People do not mind shelling out an additional sum of money because a B&B inn offers something unique, which can never be compared to a standard hotel irrespective of how luxurious or chic may it be.

Such inns are generally characterised by their original style and motifs, while willingly incorporating artworks done by the local artists.


Your entire experience can be ruined if the staff employed at your chosen inn are found to be inexperienced and impolite. Never forget to research and find the online reviews posted by previous clientele with respect to the quality of service and the business ethics of your shortlisted bed and breakfast in Weston Super Mare at seafront (or wherever you may want). Decent service and efficient workers essentially translate to a comfortable stay for you in the area, ensuring you complete peace of mind, and thus, makes the entire experience a memorable one for you.


When it comes to selecting a bed and breakfast in Weston Super Mare (or wherever you may wish), you should always remember to see whether or not it is located close to the places that you are about to visit. If you do not want your travel budget to inflate, then always make an honest attempt to opt for a B&B inn that is pretty close to the tourist attractions and prime locations. It will also immensely help you to save a substantial amount of your time.


There are quite a few B&B establishments that do not have custom meal facility. On the contrary, a number of facilities for bed and breakfast in Weston Super Mare (or wherever you may require) have started offering bespoke food choices of late. Hence, you should always browse the menu beforehand when booking any such inn.


If you have never stayed in a B&B facility, you are likely to be overwhelmed at the mere thought of exploring the available alternatives, shortlisting the most prospective ones, and zeroing in on the perfect bed and breakfast  Weston Super Mare. Fortunately, there are a few general rules of thumb for finding one, such as the Poplar Farm, as per your budget and requirement.

Choosing the right kind of B&B for your holiday is not rocket science! If you have thoroughly followed and properly understood today’s discussion, you will not have any trouble in discovering one for sure. All you require is to take out a little time from your busy schedule for adequate research and careful planning.

4 Tips to Find the Best Accommodation in Weston Super Mare

Travelling is not only about relaxing or having fun, but it is also related to finding comfortable accommodation in Weston Super Mare or other places where you are planning to go for a holiday. This is something you must be choosy about because yours and your family’s comfort lies with living in a good place during your holiday. Here are some expert tips provided by Poplar Farm in finding the best accommodation. Take a look!

  1. Pick an Accommodation in a Right Location

If you are planning for a holiday, check whether the accommodation is near Bristol airport Weston Super Mare. If the guesthouse is near the airport, it will be easy for you to fly and reach the place conveniently. Also, check whether the accommodation is located in the marketplace or shopping centre. 

You can easily go shopping and enjoy your trip if you get this amenity. If you want to stay in a peaceful and less busy area, choose the accommodation according to that.

  1. Check the Reviews, Rating, and Price

If you are searching for a budget-friendly premier inn Weston Super Mare, you can choose Poplar Farm because we provide you rooms and convenience as per your estimated budget plan. It is necessary to check your budget and compare it with the price of the hotel, otherwise, you have to burn a hole in your pocket.

Try to research online and find the reviews and ratings of the hotel. Moreover, after researching, try to check the reviews of the customers who already visited and stayed there. This will help you choose the right accommodation in Weston Super Mare.

  1. Check the Food Options

If you are finding a B&B Weston Super Mare with parking, you seem to be a little foody. So, in that case, ask about the availability of the complimentary breakfast, main meal, and snacks in the accommodation. Also, check whether they provide gluten-free food as our accommodation provides anti-allergenic food maintaining hygiene. In addition, you don’t get the same item to consume every day when it’s us. We rather offer varieties of food items for our guests to enjoy.

  1. Find a Family-Friendly Place for Your Vacation

If you are going on the trip with your family, relaxation and enjoyment are the prime factors that you should focus on. So, it is needed to consider the needs of your family first. Once you find a family-friendly and customer-friendly accommodation, you can book a new ocean hotel in Weston Super Mare near a sea beach.

You need to check whether the accommodation is providing you with safety and other amenities. This will help you know whether the place is suitable for your family.

To Sum Up

We won’t force you to choose our accommodation in Weston Super Mare, but Poplar Farm can provide you with all the positive amenities that are mentioned above. So, if you have checked our ratings and reviews and are planning to book a room in our accommodation, contact our Travelodge in Weston Super Mare at 01934 712087. You can visit our website or email us at  

3 Best Areas of Facilities to Enjoy in Bed and Breakfast Weston Super Mare

Holidays are the moments when you can boost up and relax your mind and body. So, why don’t you find the best bed and breakfast in Weston Super Mare to enjoy your weekend? 

Whenever you are finding accommodation, remember that it is necessary to know about the facilities. Here we have listed some amenities that are provided by Poplar Farm to make your holiday superb. We would like you to have a look at the facilities

  1. Free Wi-Fi in Rooms

The digital world is so fascinating that people cannot live without the internet in their phones and tabs. Therefore, we have provided free Wi-Fi for our business and leisure guests. Enjoy 24/7 internet surfing in your rooms.

  1. In-Room Facilities

People choose bed and breakfast in Weston Super Mare to accommodate only if the facilities in the rooms are proper. So, if you visit Poplar Farm, you may check the in-room amenities before choosing one. It provides basic facilities such as:

  • Dining: There is a minibar and restaurant where you can enjoy culinary foods and satiating drinks. If you have our foods, you will never opt for any other restaurants in Weston Super Mare. So, enjoy the quality assured tasty food. Our chefs make gluten-free food and maintain hygiene, which is the priority during the time of COVID-19 pandemic.


  • Bathroom: If you want a clean and a big bathroom, you can opt to live in the rooms of Poplar Farm. Our accommodation provides a bathtub, separate closure, geyser, and clean towels. 


  • Air-conditioner: There may be temperature-sensitive guests who may come to our accommodation. So, we provide air conditioning to the rooms. You can switch on the AC whenever needed.


  1. Complimentary Breakfast on Bed

Guests appreciate if breakfast is served in their bed at bed and breakfast in Weston Super Mare. But they may like to check the quality of the food and the time of serving the breakfast. Our team serves you with various types of breakfasts regularly in time. Would you like to enjoy the food given below?

  • Fresh and Organic Fruits: Health-conscious travellers always prefer consuming fresh fruits and gluten-free food for their breakfast.  You may have yoghurts, fresh fruit baskets, fruit pastries, oatmeal, and organic breads to health-conscious guests.


  • English Breakfast: You may enjoy bread toast, sausages, bacon, eggs, and grilled tomatoes in the English breakfast. People who love consuming English breakfast can enjoy the meal.


  • Ethnic-Inspired Breakfast: Get Asian vegetables, herbal teas, and fried rice if you are one of the Asian guests to B & B.

Bottom Line

Poplar Farm can mix delicacy and fun for the guests who choose our accommodation. Now you decide to choose us for enjoying an amazing holiday at Weston Super Mare. We would be happy to serve you. If you are finding a bed and breakfast, call us on 01934-712087 to book the accommodation.

A simple strategy to get bed and breakfast in Weston Super Mare

How about getting affordable accommodation with breakfast? Doesn’t it sound great? Of course, it does. And people do look forward to booking accommodation at a place where excellent accommodation and tasty food both are served. For them, nothing is better than getting a high standard bed and breakfast services in Weston Super Mare at a competitive price.

Tips for choosing the right type of accommodation

People generally don’t like to cook when they are on a holiday trip. What they want is a comfortable bed and breakfast facility in Weston Super Mare so that they can enjoy their holiday.

The accommodation service providers have their own set of rules and standards. The main aim is to ensure that the clients are comfortable and getting quality services. Therefore, they ensure they are enjoying their stay and getting high-quality B & B in Weston Super Mare.

1. Research: While you can book a hotel or cottage for staying in Weston Super Mare, doing some research is crucial to make it more comfortable. This is important so that you know your options better.
2. Quality of service: An important thing which you need to remember is that the quality of accommodations differs not only on the numbers of ratings but also on the reviews of the customers. So before booking accommodation with quality B & B in Weston Super Mare, don’t forget to look at this point carefully.
3. Don’t compromise: There is no need to compromise with your expectation. If you are ready to pay the amount for booking accommodation of your choice, you must get a high standard of service. Therefore, you should look for a place for staying where everything is provided as per your requirements.
4. Price: The price which you are going to pay for the B & B service in Weston Super Mare does matter. So it is crucial to think about the amenities and comfort well in advance. This will help you with booking exactly the kind of accommodation that you need.

These are the few crucial points that you should keep in mind before booking any kind of accommodation in Weston Super Mare.

To get one of the best accommodations, you should check the website of different companies. Poplar Farm is renowned for offering bed and breakfast in Weston Super Mare at a reasonable price. You can get in touch with the experts to get all the details.

3 Reasons Why a Bed and Breakfast is Every Tourist’s Favourite Accommodation!

Memories worth cherishing are created during holidays. To get rid of the boredom of your daily life, heading out for a vacation is probably the best thing to do. Pack your bags and leave for a trip to Somerset this season. It is one of the most diverse counties in the country; and, you will surely have a trip to remember. When in Somerset, Poplar Farm can be one of the best bed and breakfast accommodation providers near Bristol Airport Somerset. In this blog, we discuss the 3 reasons why tourists love such bed and breakfast setups-

Taste of the unique architectural style

Most of the bed and breakfast units allow the guests to get a taste of the regional architecture and explore period property and their well-decorated interiors. This opportunity is only available if you stay at such properties and not in any commercial hotel.

Fulfilling breakfast

It is a fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, lack of which can even lead to health issues. With your stay at Poplar Farm, you can be rest assured of a fulfilling breakfast.


Such accommodation unit isn’t as crowded as commercial hotels. This is why you can expect more privacy during your stay. Additionally, you can expect a cost effective stay at Poplar Farm in Somerset. When you have made plans to travel to Somerset, make sure that you explore the county to its fullest. It has some of the best spots to visit amidst the amazing scenic beauty. To book your stay in advance, delay no further and get in touch with Poplar Farm. Advance booking will offer you the best rooms in the property at affordable rates. For more information, call us right away!

Few Factors to Keep in Mind while Staying at a B&B Accommodation

Personalised service, warm environment and association with other guests are the key aspects of a B&B arrangement. Hospitality requires equal participation from both the hosts and guests; and, hence your contribution is equally important for making your stay memorable. Thus, for enhancing the experience of your stay at a B&B accommodation, such as Poplar Farm B&B in Somerset and Super Mare, you can take care of a few aspects as given below:

Care for the property

It is always essential to take care of the property you opt to stay as if it’s your own. For example, it is not a good idea to damage the furniture, scribble on the walls, or create any kind of disorder during the stay.  Hence, you should leave the property in its best condition for the next guest.

Restrict the usage of complimentary items

During your stay you will be given complimentary items such as cookies, wine, snacks, and so on. However, you need to make legitimate use of these freebies so that the next guest can enjoy the same during their stay.  

Adhering to the Hygiene

No one wants to stay in a room which is dirty and unhygienic. Hence, make sure that you keep it as clean and hygienic as possible. Do not clog the toilets or basins unnecessarily by trying to flush toilet paper down. Also, keep your rooms clean by avoiding littering of any kind. This will only make your stay pleasant.

Negotiations- A big NO

B&B accommodation will offer you discounted prices during the off-season. It is not as costly as commercial hotels; and, that is why people prefer such lodging options. Hence, the scope of bargaining or negotiation is quite restricted.   For your upcoming vacation plans, Poplar Farm has its rooms ready! However,  rooms fill up fast due to high demands. So, book your accommodation without a delay. For more information, browse through the website and book your room today!

B&B v/s Hotel Accommodation-The Perfect Choice for Vacayholics

Hello adventurous traveller! Packing your bags for yet another unique experience? Do you have the urge to explore the hidden destinations generally missed by tourists? Well, if this is the case with you, B&B accommodation is just what you need for your next trip. If you have never stayed in such accommodation, you have no idea of what you are missing out . When compared to commercial hotels, here are the things that you are giving a skip by not opting for Bed and Breakfast accommodations-

Properties as incredible as your choice

Every B&B property is architecturally distinct from the one another and drop-dead beautiful. They can be luxurious country homes or magnificent lodges and retreats. Unlike commercial hotels, these are box-like apartments on the roadside with neon sign lights alluring you to stay. With B&B accommodation, you get to explore a memorable and unique venue every time.

And then comes the food..

Breakfast is truly the highlight when it comes to a bed and breakfast accommodation. Mouth-watering taste lingers with every variety of food offered and includes generous buffets and multi-course menu. Other than private tables, you can also get family-style breakfast where the guests can interact with each other.

Hospitality at its best

At B&B, you are treated as a guest and not just a mere credit card transaction. The gifts of hospitality such as attention, advice, guidance, and friendship that you can expect in these accommodations are truly unparallel in the industry. You can also end up meeting travellers who have numerous tales to tell and offer you great tips on exploring the location.

Mike and Maureen Isgar await your visit to Poplar Farm, one of the best B&B accommodations in Weston Super Mare with peaceful and calm surroundings. Our family-run business, spread over 25 acres of area, is just the perfect B&B escapade for you. Delay no further and get in touch with us for bookings today!

Here’s An Accommodation For Your Next Peaceful Getaway Plan!

Travelling preferences vary from person to person based on the kind of experience they are seeking through their vacation. Some people just want to spend time with their loved ones and enjoy a peaceful or romantic getaway in the countryside. There are people who wish to spend time with their loved ones and enjoy a peaceful or romantic getaway in the countryside. For such travellers, accommodation at a bed and breakfast is inarguably the best choice. If you haven’t ever visited such bed and breakfast accommodation, here are the reasons which make it a must for you-

•  In such bed and breakfast accommodations, travelling becomes a surreal experience. With numerous guests coming from different parts of the country, you get the chance to interact with different people and to hear exciting travel stories from them. It adds to your knowledge about the place and you end up finding out interesting facts and captivating stories.

• Sip your cup of coffee on the balcony with the stunning view as your companion. The lush green field around the place is a treat to the eyes because most of the time, the guests only witness the skyscrapers and traffic of the urban jungle. Such a sight is therefore a much-needed change and pleasure to the eyes.

• Being a guest in such a place would mean that you get great hospitality from the owners of the place. Unlike a commercial hotel, the relationship between the owner and the guest isn’t just restricted to the billing department.

While you may question the credibility of the claims made in this blog, here’s a better idea. Why not try such a bed and breakfast accommodation on your own? Poplar Farm is one of the best bed and breakfast accommodations near Bristol Airport, Somerset. Our services are highly reputed when it comes to such accommodations and we are happy to have you over any day. So, when do we book your visit?

Common Pet Peeves of Bed & Breakfast Owners

People who have had the experience of staying in a Bed and Breakfast accommodation would know that they are good enough to be remarkable as well as luxurious. You will love what is offered at every B&B accommodation, if a ‘home away from home’ experience is your pre-requisite.

Almost every B&B accommodation has superior quality of amenities, including the bedding and furniture. Moreover, they also offer free refreshments, snacks and other food items.

However, what you should consider is that that these innkeepers (owners of B&B) aren’t a part of big corporations. Rather, they are individuals, who look for a source of income. In fact, some of the innkeepers run B&B as the only means to earn their livelihood. Hence, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind before booking one.

Common pet peeves for B&B owners

Bed and Breakfast accommodation is run by individuals and not a corporation. Hence, there might be just a couple of people working hard to provide you with the best experience. You should respect that and reach at the exact check-in time without delay. And even if you are late due for some reason, prior notice is always appreciated. Similarly, do not unnecessarily extend your check out time. The more you occupy a room, the slimmer are the chances of the B&B owners getting other guests for accommodation.

● It goes without saying that you need to respect the property of the B&B like your own. This includes not throwing the pillows on the floor or leaving wet towels here and there. And try not to wipe your shoes using the bed linen or towels, no matter how expensive they are. These accommodations are not similar to luxurious hotels. These are homes of individuals, at times re-constructed in the form of extensions, to cater to guests and their accommodation. Take care of the rooms the way you would do at home.

● Respect the rules of the B&B accommodation. Most of them are smoke-free and pet-free. Check thoroughly with the owner at the time of booking for pet friendliness. All said and done, make sure you abide by the rules set by the owners.

● Do not bargain! Most of the B&Bs are small mom & pop kind of business and they do not have huge profit margins like hotels. Plus, running a B&B is not a cheap affair and incurs a lot of expenses. Respect that and try not to take the hard-earned profit away from them.

The owners would appreciate if guests keep up with the rules of the Bed & Breakfast. And once you follow the rules, you are sure to make the entire stay uncompromisingly amazing.

If you are planning a short trip to Glastonbury, do check for Poplar Farm Bed and Breakfast. Your stay is sure to be luxurious and extravagant and an experience worth cherishing for long.

Travel Smart- Tips Regarding Bed and Breakfast Accommodation

If we ask about personal preferences regarding vacations, most of the people would have the same wish- “6 months of vacation, twice a year”. We love the idea, don’t we? But sadly, we cannot have all that we want. Instead, what we can have is a personalised stay while having our vacations so that we enjoy the comfort, pay less and therefore travel smarter. Opting for a bed and breakfast accommodation is one great way to personalise the stay. You can get to know the locals, stay with innkeepers and know their ways of life while being at a cheerful and comfort-rich room just like any other major hotel chains.

Is a bed and breakfast accommodation right for you?

Bed and breakfasts are loved by most of the travellers, but they aren’t perfect for all. You would love a B&B if-

• You love compact rooms and intimate nature of accommodation, rather than large hotels.
• You enjoy communicating and gelling along with the fellow travellers over a lavish breakfast.
• If you prefer to be accommodated in quiet country settings and residential neighbourhoods.

Things to keep in mind if you ever visit a B&B

If you are staying at a B&B, then here are some of the major things you should keep in mind-

• Inform the owners if your check-in is delayed. It helps them manage time and rooms in a better manner.
• Do not bargain at the counter while paying the tariff. The rates are a lot more pocket-friendly than commercial hotels and therefore cutting their margin of profit further is displeasure for innkeepers.
• Snacks, wine, and other items are stacked in the fridge. Make sure that you do not overtly use them. Try and leave some for the next guests.

Your search for the best B&B accommodation comes to an end with Poplar farm, located at Weston Supermare, in the vicinity of Wells, Somerset, and Cheddar. With all the modern conveniences such as tea & coffee machine, television, and fridge, your stay just keeps getting better with us. The most wonderful time of the year is about to come. Book your accommodation today!