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Travel Smart- Tips Regarding Bed and Breakfast Accommodation

If we ask about personal preferences regarding vacations, most of the people would have the same wish- “6 months of vacation, twice a year”. We love the idea, don’t we? But sadly, we cannot have all that we want. Instead, what we can have is a personalised stay while having our vacations so that we enjoy the comfort, pay less and therefore travel smarter. Opting for a bed and breakfast accommodation is one great way to personalise the stay. You can get to know the locals, stay with innkeepers and know their ways of life while being at a cheerful and comfort-rich room just like any other major hotel chains.

Is a bed and breakfast accommodation right for you?

Bed and breakfasts are loved by most of the travellers, but they aren’t perfect for all. You would love a B&B if-

• You love compact rooms and intimate nature of accommodation, rather than large hotels.
• You enjoy communicating and gelling along with the fellow travellers over a lavish breakfast.
• If you prefer to be accommodated in quiet country settings and residential neighbourhoods.

Things to keep in mind if you ever visit a B&B

If you are staying at a B&B, then here are some of the major things you should keep in mind-

• Inform the owners if your check-in is delayed. It helps them manage time and rooms in a better manner.
• Do not bargain at the counter while paying the tariff. The rates are a lot more pocket-friendly than commercial hotels and therefore cutting their margin of profit further is displeasure for innkeepers.
• Snacks, wine, and other items are stacked in the fridge. Make sure that you do not overtly use them. Try and leave some for the next guests.

Your search for the best B&B accommodation comes to an end with Poplar farm, located at Weston Supermare, in the vicinity of Wells, Somerset, and Cheddar. With all the modern conveniences such as tea & coffee machine, television, and fridge, your stay just keeps getting better with us. The most wonderful time of the year is about to come. Book your accommodation today!

Top Benefits of Considering a Walking Break Holiday

Sometimes it is essential for you to take a holiday and relieve yourself from the stresses of daily work, maybe you should consider spending some of your hard earned money on a holiday which is pocket friendly. Here are some of the benefits you should know while on a walking break holiday.

• A walking break helps to increase cardiovascular fitness, bone strength and also reduces stress to a great extent.
• You can take things at your own pace. For an independent traveller, walking breaks in the course of a trip can be truly amazing. You can enjoy the beauty of countryside with such walks and be relaxed from all the thoughts and troubles of life.

There is no better place than Poplar Farm Bed and Breakfast accommodation in Somerset. The farm house is renovated and has all the latest features that other commercial accommodations have on offer. With us, you can have a homely stay and the warmth you get from the hosts can never be compared with anything else that you have ever experienced.

Reasons Why Choosing Bed And Breakfast Accommodation Is Recommended

When people think of a modest accommodation facility, they always think of bed and breakfast accommodation as they are known to be affordable. However, just like any other industry, trends have changed and these days bed and breakfast accommodation are a lot more comfortable and cosy than they were before. If you think that opting for such an accommodation will lessen the comfort and luxury, you are wrong! Reasons why you should choose B&B Accommodation are:

• B & B accommodation these days have all the luxurious amenities which are available in commercial hotels. Right from the rooms, beds, washroom and other amenities such as AirCon or kitchen equipment, each of these are present in B&B Accommodation.
• The location of such accommodation is pleasing and gives an experience of lifetime. They are close to nature and allows the guests to explore friendly neighbourhood and hosts.
• Farm style and historic architecture of the places enhance the holiday experience for the guests.

Poplar Farm is one of the most popular bed and breakfast based in Weston Super Mare and Somerset. Our facilities are of top notch quality and assure that the guests have an amazing time with us. We always extend warm welcomes to our customers. We are based in a farm that has animals kept for rearing, this completely changes the experience of staying with us. We do offer an amazing breakfast for our guests and for the rest of the day, they are free to go out and have their meals or even cook at the kitchen we provide for them.