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Common Pet Peeves of Bed & Breakfast Owners

People who have had the experience of staying in a Bed and Breakfast accommodation would know that they are good enough to be remarkable as well as luxurious. You will love what is offered at every B&B accommodation, if a ‘home away from home’ experience is your pre-requisite.

Almost every B&B accommodation has superior quality of amenities, including the bedding and furniture. Moreover, they also offer free refreshments, snacks and other food items.

However, what you should consider is that that these innkeepers (owners of B&B) aren’t a part of big corporations. Rather, they are individuals, who look for a source of income. In fact, some of the innkeepers run B&B as the only means to earn their livelihood. Hence, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind before booking one.

Common pet peeves for B&B owners

Bed and Breakfast accommodation is run by individuals and not a corporation. Hence, there might be just a couple of people working hard to provide you with the best experience. You should respect that and reach at the exact check-in time without delay. And even if you are late due for some reason, prior notice is always appreciated. Similarly, do not unnecessarily extend your check out time. The more you occupy a room, the slimmer are the chances of the B&B owners getting other guests for accommodation.

● It goes without saying that you need to respect the property of the B&B like your own. This includes not throwing the pillows on the floor or leaving wet towels here and there. And try not to wipe your shoes using the bed linen or towels, no matter how expensive they are. These accommodations are not similar to luxurious hotels. These are homes of individuals, at times re-constructed in the form of extensions, to cater to guests and their accommodation. Take care of the rooms the way you would do at home.

● Respect the rules of the B&B accommodation. Most of them are smoke-free and pet-free. Check thoroughly with the owner at the time of booking for pet friendliness. All said and done, make sure you abide by the rules set by the owners.

● Do not bargain! Most of the B&Bs are small mom & pop kind of business and they do not have huge profit margins like hotels. Plus, running a B&B is not a cheap affair and incurs a lot of expenses. Respect that and try not to take the hard-earned profit away from them.

The owners would appreciate if guests keep up with the rules of the Bed & Breakfast. And once you follow the rules, you are sure to make the entire stay uncompromisingly amazing.

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